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by wickyd
24.08.2009, 16:34
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Show files in groups
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Show files in groups

The only feature I miss from Windows Explorer is being able to show the files in groups. I find this feature extremely useful and miss it when I use Freecommander. I setup all my explorer folders to view details, then to show in groups and then to sort by file type. Please consider implementing this...
by wickyd
01.04.2009, 07:57
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Moving cursor over filelist causes flickering
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I can confirm this bug in Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000).

Free Commander is great, however the flicker is frustrating.

I can confirm that explorer does not have flicker at all in Windows 7 Beta.

This problem is found in both versions 2008.06c and 2009.02.