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by Marek
07.04.2021, 21:00
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: quick cleanup/collapse of expanded folders?
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Re: quick cleanup/collapse of expanded folders?

Hotkey: - open Tools - Define keyboard shortcuts - in the quick filter field type: tree - now you can see "Tree - collapse all" and "Tree - collapse all except selected" For button go to "Tools - Define action toolbars", select desired toolbar and make the same as above.
by Marek
24.03.2021, 22:57
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Hardlink reference count
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Re: Hardlink reference count well as some menu/button/action to open the link (be it a file or a directory) in the same pane or the other one in FC
For .LNK
- Enter or double click - open in the current panel
- Alt+Click - open in the other panel
- Menu
by Marek
20.03.2021, 16:13
Forum: Discussion
Topic: New beta version
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FreeCommander XE 2021 release 845 donor

================================================================================ Important changes and bug fixes in the release 845 ================================================================================ - Bug fix: Thumbnails for pdf files (if Adobe Reader as default pdf program is installe...
by Marek
20.03.2021, 16:12
Forum: Translation
Topic: New and changed text strings
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Changes for release 845 compared to 842

New Texts:

34325=Keep filter on folder change
46022=Rename moved file and continue moving
46023=Rename target file and continue moving

Changed texts:

54044=Use Windows delete method (Vista and later)
by Marek
17.03.2021, 22:47
Forum: Discussion
Topic: How to get dimensions of selected image into the Status Bar?
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Re: How to get dimensions of selected image into the Status Bar?

Currently - open quick view with Ctrl+Q. The size is showed in the title bar of the viewer.
by Marek
11.03.2021, 21:24
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Shortcut & icon for "open folder in other panel"-action
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Re: Shortcut & icon for "open folder in other panel"-action

So please just include a (customizable) keyboard shortcut and an icon for the highly useful "open folder in other panel"-action in the next update. You don't have to wait for the next update. You can define/change shortcuts almost for each action. Here is the example how to make it: http:...
by Marek
08.03.2021, 19:48
Forum: Discussion
Topic: 844-Folder date last accessed bug
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Re: 844-Folder date last accessed bug

FreeCommander never change the last accessed date.
Windows manages the date itself.
by Marek
07.03.2021, 21:20
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: 843 - Thumbnails border and background bug
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Re: 843 - Thumbnails border and background bug

Strange, I have no problems:
by Marek
04.03.2021, 19:45
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: searching on filename and/or file contents
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Re: searching on filename and/or file contents

I can confirm your findings - looks like a bug to me.
Could you provide exact info what does not work?
In which file types are you looking for the content: simple text files, doc, docx?
by Marek
01.03.2021, 21:51
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: fields mixed up
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Re: fields mixed up

I'm running the latest version of everything and this issue has been present through many versions.
OK, you use last Windows 10 und last FC 844 version.
Have you changed the order of the columns in settings?
Have you steps to reproduce the isue?
by Marek
28.02.2021, 20:12
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: More copy/move
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Re: More copy/move

if I press F6 my PC crashes If the crash is in FreeCommander you should get dialog with the exception and with the possibilty to send the bug report. If it is the case - it would be helpful if you could send the report. Otherwise (no exception dialog) the crash is not in FreeCommander code and you ...
by Marek
28.02.2021, 10:19
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Metadata Viewing exiftool
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Re: Metadata Viewing exiftool

Here is additional information on how the number of tags can be expanded in the multi rename dialog. If in the viewer settings the path for exiftool program is defined ViewerSettingsExiftoolTagName_en.png then the tags can be used for multirename: MultirenameExif_en.png In the popup menu are used so...