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by Jaro
25.08.2014, 17:28
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Snopshot, Folder Index Feature
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Snopshot, Folder Index Feature

Hi Marek, Would it be possible to have a snapshot, Folder Index Feature integrated? No, I do not have a screenshot in mind. I know you already implemented it. I am thinking of somehing like in "Beyond Compare" (working) or "FilePro" (not working correctly). So what do I mean with Snapshot? Take a Di...
by Jaro
17.04.2010, 14:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Integrate TeraCopy ?
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Re: Integrate TeraCopy - make it real portable

and to make it real portable: 1. install TeraCopy Portable (to demonstrate, I have saved it 3 levels below FreeCommanderPortable) 2. Change FreeCommanderPortable\Data\settings\FreeCommander.ini under [Form] (there: internal linkage to the 3 levels below installed TeraCopy Portable): FileMovePrg=..\....