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by gnn
17.09.2016, 06:42
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Follow symbolic link
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Follow symbolic link

If i use the open contextual menu , it opens a new native explorer window.
It should Nice to have a way to go to the destination folder inside free commander.
Best regards.
by gnn
09.06.2010, 16:51
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: follow window's shortcut
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follow window's shortcut

When I have a shortcut and want to see the directory where the target file resides, I can't use freecomander. I have to right click on the shortcut, click on "rechercher la cible" (the translation must be "find the target") and it's open a new "window explorer". It would be nice if I could stay in t...
by gnn
09.06.2010, 16:41
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: quick filter and directories
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quick filter and directories

I think it could useful if the quick filter shows directories even if they don't match pattern.

Sometime, I remember a filename but I'm not sure into which subdirectory the file is. Quicker than a search file, I could use Quick filter to find the file.

Best regards