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by Karol
06.06.2019, 05:58
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Rename Files (in reverse order)
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Re: Rename Files (in reverse order)

In the current donor version 799 works as desired: step can be negative number too.
by Karol
04.06.2019, 06:52
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Column resize question
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Re: Column resize question

Maybe 'Autosize for "Name" column': ... files.html
by Karol
13.05.2019, 13:58
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: laggish UI - panels
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Re: laggish UI - panels

No problem at all on Windows 7.
by Karol
04.04.2019, 06:15
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Custom column
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Re: Custom column

Have you tried the same in Windows Explorer?
by Karol
04.04.2019, 06:14
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Need Ability to Launch EXE Files
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Re: Need Ability to Launch EXE Files

I use many PCs and never had problem to start the exe file per double click.
By the way, it would be good if you could provide us with more detailed information.
Maybe is the exe file corrupt or locked by AV program.
by Karol
03.04.2019, 10:34
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Access denied and Folder not writeable errors
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Re: Access denied and Folder not writeable errors

It is not allowed to hold the data in C:\Program Files(x86).
- Close FreeCommander
- Remove the file "C:\Program Files(x86)\FreeCommander XE\fcStart.ini"
- Remove the folder "C:\Program Files(x86)\FreeCommander XE\Settings" (your settings are gone)
Start FreeCommander without error messages.
by Karol
22.03.2019, 22:17
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Exporting search output to text file
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Re: Exporting search output to text file

You can copy the list to clipboard.
The search dialog has menu: Edit->Copy path+name
by Karol
11.03.2019, 14:06
Forum: Discussion
Topic: switching Column Profiles
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Re: switching Column Profiles

Try Shift+F1