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by joe-the-indian
11.02.2008, 09:40
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Extended copy/move functionality
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very welcome! and pausing/queueing copy(move) jobs too :)
by joe-the-indian
28.01.2008, 14:41
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Favourite Folders dont recognize "=" and "-&a
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Favourite Folders dont recognize "=" and "-&a

I can't use "=" and "-" in Favourite Folder names, FC behaves strange when I try to:


by joe-the-indian
18.01.2008, 21:31
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: Multitasking - while copying and moving (job queue)
Replies: 45
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yes! queueing copy/move jobs would be soooo nice! oh, and pausing them too :)
by joe-the-indian
18.01.2008, 21:23
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: FTP client
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yea! ftp client, and ability to queue copy/move jobs - and i will never use other file managers ;)