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by reels
22.12.2013, 15:18
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: ftp, wdx
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ftp, wdx

Please ftp client and wdx plugins support.
by reels
23.03.2013, 23:28
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Folder synchronization - someone tested?
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Re: Folder synchronization - someone tested?

I noticed, that "Ignore 1 hour time delay" doesn't work properly. If you use this setting, then disappear items in the list to synchronize which have delay more longer then 1 hour (even days). And if you have only one panel choosen (not dual) and want to synchronize folder (according your saved prof...
by reels
19.01.2013, 09:22
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: 612 - favorite tools icons
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612 - favorite tools icons

Popup menu with favorite tools is now without icons
by reels
22.09.2012, 20:55
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?
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Re: Are there plans to support WDX plugins?

For me it is also important. I am still waiting for a new beta version with implemented wdx plugins support - and still nothing. I offen use "Fast Fb2 wdx 1.2" and for that reason must use Total Commander at the same time.
by reels
03.04.2012, 19:27
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: 582 - DVD-RAM problems
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582 - DVD-RAM problems

FCXE doesn't recognize name of medium, which is inside dvd slot - it should be visible in tree view. You can also rename it directly in FC once again, but nothing happend. It is also inpossible to copy something directly in the root of DVD-RAM. You have to make a new folder and copy into the folder ...
by reels
05.02.2012, 18:03
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Folder tree panel
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Folder tree panel

Hi Marek There is a strange behavior of tree panel. I start FC and in tree panel is different color for selected item then I set in settings. Unfortunately it is black and also black fonts, so you can't see selected item (pict.1). Otherwise everything works. To fix it I must hide and show tree panel...
by reels
31.01.2012, 22:33
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Custom Icons
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Custom Icons

Hi Marek, is it possible to add for commands which don't have default icons my own icon? For example now I added to the address bar the button "Autosize columns", it worked OK, but there was a gap now without any icon visible. :( Secondly - w...
by reels
30.01.2012, 16:03
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Focus for keyboard usage, Network performance
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Re: Focus for keyboard usage, Network performance

By changing folders in local computer (in tree) there is about 1 s delay. The same time seems to be in case of network drives. Windows explorer react immetiately.
by reels
29.01.2012, 11:41
Forum: Translation
Topic: Wrong description
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Wrong description

In "Customize favorite toolbars..." is a wrong description:


Otherwise it works correctly

FC version, Windows 7 Pro, 32 bit
by reels
27.01.2012, 18:42
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Button to reactivate personal saved/archived bkp_settings XE
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Re: Button to reactivate personal saved/archived bkp_setting

Simple solution would be to have the same possibility of choosing the folder, where settings of FreeCommanderXE would be stored (the same dialogue like for backup settings). Then I would prefer the application folder to make the FreeCommanderXE fully portable.