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by bveldkamp
31.07.2014, 06:57
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Paste file or folder name
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Paste file or folder name

What I often do, is copy a file or folder name from somewhere, and open that in FC. To do that, I have to press Alt+G, Ctrl+V, Enter. It would be cool if I could just paste that name, and FC would select the folder or file (if it exists).
by bveldkamp
22.07.2014, 09:32
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Last used folders are not saved
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Last used folders are not saved

Even though I have 'Start with last used folders' checked, the last used folders are not saved. It only seems to work when I also check 'Auto save settings - on exit'. Not a big problem, but a bit confusing.
by bveldkamp
14.01.2014, 15:50
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Please help with some advice
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Re: Please help with some advice

You mean like Edit > Save Selection and Edit > Load Selection From File?
by bveldkamp
21.11.2012, 15:19
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: UAC in Windows 7
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Re: UAC in Windows 7

I see the same thing on Win7, Ctrl+D asks me for the admin's username and password. A workaround is to specify a value in Tools > Settings > DOS Prompt, e.g. cmd.exe or %COMSPEC%.