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by uni2015
09.10.2019, 21:08
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: 804 - Little problem with refresh in folder treeview
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804 - Little problem with refresh in folder treeview

Folder treeview is left and and file details list is right
In the file details list change a character of a folder name from lower to upper case or vice versa.
I.e. change "Test" to "test".
Select the Folder treeview and press <Refresh>
The folder name is still the same!
by uni2015
31.05.2018, 04:28
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: [775] New zip naming issue
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[775] New zip naming issue

The default destination file name gets a doubled ".zip" file extension now, if you select only ONE file for zipping! If you select "file.doc" for example, the default zip filename will be "[DestinationPath]\". If you then change the location within the zip window (using the <SearchForFol...
by uni2015
31.05.2018, 04:00
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Drag & Drop is BROKEN in Windows 10
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Re: Drag & Drop is BROKEN in Windows 10

Strange. Its working for me. Win 10 1803 64-bit, FC Donor 775
by uni2015
21.04.2018, 01:28
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: [774] Zip naming issue
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[774] Zip naming issue

I'm currently using 774, but this issue occured already in previous versions: If you select TWO OR MORE FILES and choose a zip file name containing a dot - i.e. "" - the name of the zip file will be "". If you select only one file, the zip file name will be correct. -----------...