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by JohnMcBeef
22.02.2017, 17:57
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: MouseWheel Scrolling
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Re: MouseWheel Scrolling

Same here - file list scrolls by one line when page scroll is set in Control panel mouse options. Scrolling is done page by page when scrolling through items in MultiRename preview list Testing was done with default setting Build 740 32-bit public on 64bit Win10 Interestingly page scroll is also not...
by JohnMcBeef
21.02.2017, 23:09
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Multi-rename - [wildcard] with regex
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Re: Multi-rename - [wildcard] with regex

Works for me, are you sure your regex expression is correct? If it does not find anything, no file will be renamed
Sample filenames would be helpful
by JohnMcBeef
26.09.2015, 18:22
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: Big ZIP file on desktop slows down startup
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Big ZIP file on desktop slows down startup

Problem: FreeCommander starts very slowly (half a minute after executing program) if file bellow exists on Desktop. ProcessMonitor revealed that the file is constantly read. ZIP file in question: Link , Direct download It contains code samples from book in the link. ZIP file stats: * Packed size = 9...