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by julian_ladbury
14.12.2017, 17:00
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Show OneDrive status icons
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Show OneDrive status icons

The latest OneDrive with the Windows Fall Creators Update includes new status icons that show, in standard File Explorer, the sync status of files and folders (see
by julian_ladbury
31.07.2017, 17:02
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Scroll wheel poor performance
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Scroll wheel poor performance

In Details view, my mouse scroll wheel works as expected in FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 64-bit donor.
In later donor builds it does not - sometimes it works but is very jerky, most times it just does nothing.
This behaviour is the same even in clean installs without my cutomisations.
by julian_ladbury
11.06.2017, 11:23
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: File container favorite does not open at container contents
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File container favorite does not open at container contents

I added a file container to my Favorites. When I open the favorite, the File Containers folder is displayed, not the contents of the container. FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 747 64-bit donor Favorites definition can be seen at The result of clicking on th...
by julian_ladbury
16.05.2017, 12:54
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: This PC graphic display
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This PC graphic display

I have just started using FreeCommander. The one thing I miss from the Windows 10 File Explorer is its graphical display of Devices and Drives in the This PC display.

Can it be added to FC?