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by JohnFredC
28.10.2007, 23:58
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: More buttons for the splitter
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Support++ any appropriate button on any toolbar, including the splitter.

Obviously, the specialized splitter buttons whose icons respond to the active panel probably shouldn't be available for other toolbars.

I agree the splitter toolbar is a great thing.
by JohnFredC
28.10.2007, 23:45
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Any column, any position.
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Any column, any position.

FreeCommander is very promising! Thanks for it!

Please consider allowing users to completely specific which value goes in which column.

I would place the Extension in Column 1, for instance, with the Filename in Column 2, etc.

Thanks for listening!
by JohnFredC
28.10.2007, 23:44
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Default Column Settings problem
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This problem persists intermittently in 2007.10 when removing a Quick filter.