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Changes for release 777 compared to 776

Posted: 13.07.2018, 15:42
by Marek
New Texts:

4595=AND operator:
4596=NOT operator:

6004=Source and destination file are the same
6005=Trying to rename a file into a different location, use move instead
6006=One source specified, multiple destinations
6007=The destination is a sub-tree of the source
6008=The destination is the same folder as the source
6009=Existing destination file with same name as folder
6010=Existing destination folder with same name as file
6011=File too large for destination file system
6012=Destination device is full and happens to be removable
6013=Destination is a Read-Only CDRom, possibly unformatted
6014=Destination is a Read/Write CDRom, possibly unformatted
6015=Destination is a Recordable (Audio, CDRom, possibly unformatted
6016=Destination is a Read-Only DVD, possibly unformatted
6017=Destination is a Read/Write DVD, possibly unformatted
6018=Destination is a Recordable (Audio, DVD, possibly unformatted
6019=Source is a Read-Only CDRom, possibly unformatted
6020=Source is a Read/Write CDRom, possibly unformatted
6021=Source is a Recordable (Audio, CDRom, possibly unformatted
6022=Source is a Read-Only DVD, possibly unformatted
6023=Source is a Read/Wrote DVD, possibly unformatted
6024=Source is a Recordable (Audio, DVD, possibly unformatted
6025=Invalid source path
6026=Invalid destination path
6027=Source Files within folders where the overall path is longer than MAX_PATH
6028=Destination files would be within folders where the overall path is longer than MAX_PATH
6029=Source is a root directory, cannot be moved or renamed
6030=Destination is a root directory, cannot be renamed
6031=Security problem on source
6032=Security problem on destination
6033=Source file does not exist, or is unavailable
6034=Destination file does not exist, or is unavailable
6035=Source file is on a disconnected network location
6036=Destination file is on a disconnected network location
6037=Sharing Violation on source
6038=Sharing Violation on destination
6039=Destination exists, cannot replace
6040=Destination with read-only attribute exists, cannot replace
6041=Destination with system attribute exists, cannot replace
6042=Destination folder exists, cannot replace
6043=Secondary Stream information would be lost
6044=Extended Attributes would be lost
6045=Property would be lost
6046=Properties would be lost
6047=Encryption would be lost
6048=Entire operation likely won't fit
6049=Entire operation likely won't fit, clean-up wizard available
6050=Can not reach source folder
6051=Unknown recycle error
6052=Recycling not available (usually turned off)
6053=Item is too large for the recycle-bin
6054=Folder is too deep to fit in the recycle-bin
6055=Recycle bin could not be found or is unavailable
6056=Name of the new file being created is too long
6057=Name of the new folder being created is too long
6058=The directory being processed is not empty

34959=Apply to
34960=Current user (recommended)
34961=All users

38044=Use in layouts
38045=Select layouts in which this toolbar should be used.
38046=Do not select layouts if the toolbar is always to be used.

55036=Drag&drop for moving to another toolbar

58600=Ignore list:


67521=Ignore main window size and position

70300=no_translate: Archiver plugins
70301=No more files in archive
70302=Not enough memory
70303=Data is wrong
70304=CRC error in archive data
70305=Archive format is unknown
70306=Cannot open existing file
70307=Cannot create file
70308=Error closing file
70309=Error reading from file
70310=Error writing to file
70311=Buffer is too small
70312=Function was canceled by the user
70313=No files found or file header encrypted
70314=Too many files to pack
70315=Function is not supported!
70316=The archive file can not be found

actDirQuickFilterInverse=Inverse quick filter;Shows all not currently visible items for active quick filter
actViewTabCloseDuplicate=Tab: Close duplicate tabs;Closes not locked duplicate tabs

Changes for release 781 compared to 777

Posted: 18.08.2018, 11:52
by Marek
New texts:

4032=Automatic views
4033=Add current view specific to folder...
4597=New auto selectable view

34714=Folder path mask:
34715=Automatic view condition
34716=Auto selectable views
34717=Column profiles

36500=no_translate: Settings - Auto selectable views
36501=Switch view mode automatically on folder change
36502=View name
36504=Content condition type:
36505=Content condition filter:
36506=View type:
36507=Column profile:
36508=Sort on:
36509=No change
36513=At least one file matches the filter
36514=All files match the filter
36515=No file matches the filter
36516=At least half of the files match the filter
36517=Auto select
36518=Add new view
36521=Move up
36522=Move down
36524=Example: *.jpg;*.png
36525=Default view

36656=Archive file

38047=Define details

60027=Should entries for non-existent files or folders be deleted?
60028=YES: delete
60029=NO: mark
60030=CANCEL: do not check

actViewActivateAutoselectableViews=Activate auto selectable views

Changed texts:

34015=Column profiles/Automatic views

Changes for release 784 compared to 781

Posted: 28.09.2018, 18:28
by Marek
New texts:

56063=Found %d file(s) in %d group(s)
56065=Duplicates criteria
56066=MD5: remaining files %d
56067=%d item(s) selected
56068=--Mark by modified timestamp--
56069=Newest files in each group
56070=Oldest files in each group
56071=--Mark by created timestamp--
56072=--Mark by file size--
56073=Largest files in each group
56074=Smallest files in each group
56075=Duplicates selection
56266=Find duplicate files
56267=Search criteria
56268=Same file name (without extension)
56269=Same file extension
56270=Same content (MD5 sum)
56271=Same size
56272=Same created timestamp
56273=Use date part only
56274=Same modified timestamp
56275=Ignore empty files

actEditRestoreSelection=Restore selection; Restore internal saved selection
actEditSaveSelection=Save selection ; Save selection internal

Changed texts:

actEditSaveSelectionToFile=Save selection to file ; Saves selection to file

Changes for release 785 compared to 784

Posted: 23.10.2018, 12:38
by Marek
New texts:

36115=Draw caption without clipping
61133=Upper first letter following any of defined characters:
61239=Characters for the item "Upper first letter following any of defined characters"
61240=Keep current case

Changed texts:

35449=Keep expanded nodes per Tab

Changes for release 787 compared to 785

Posted: 11.11.2018, 18:50
by Marek
New texts:

56076=Open first profile on start
56276=Archiver plugin not found or the file can not be handle (e.g. password protection)

Changed texts:

4540=Define action toolbars...
34236=Start dragging on name or icon only
59038=Please select only MD5 or SHA files - all with same extension.
61240=Keep current uppercase

actExtrToolbarCustomize=Define action toolbars...; Opens dialog for changing the toolbar

Changes for release 788 compared to 787

Posted: 03.12.2018, 20:45
by Marek
New texts:

34321=Also use for folder names
58117=Show frames

Changes for release 792 compared to 788

Posted: 19.01.2019, 20:37
by Marek
New texts:

34962=Always open in new tab
46019=File version: %s

actDirQuickFilterSetFromClipboard=Set Quick Filter from clipboard;Copies the clipboard to quick filter field and activate quick filter
actEditFilterUnderCursor=Filter files with same ext.; Set quick filter to the extension of the focused item in the current panel
actExtrDonorDownloads=Donor downloads; Opens login site of the donor downloads

Changed texts:

34223=Use Vista method for non-local drives (may be faster)

Changes for release 793 compared to 792

Posted: 22.02.2019, 20:19
by Marek
New texts:


actDirQuickFilterSet=Set quick filter; Set or clear quick filter

Changed texts:

actViewSplit0=Split 0/100 % ; Left panel 0%, right panel 100%
actViewSplit100=Split 100/0 % ; Left panel 100%, right panel 0%

Changes for release 795 compared to 793

Posted: 17.03.2019, 17:54
by Marek
New texts:

34322=Clear edit field when quick filter is deactivated
36610=Border bottom line

Changes for release 797 compared to 795

Posted: 27.04.2019, 19:12
by Marek
New texts:

50041=Copy date "modified" to "created" for each file
50042=Copy date "created" to "modified" for each file
58118=Show icons in menu
67522=Overwrite without query

Changes for release 799 compared to 797

Posted: 01.06.2019, 13:54
by Marek
New texts:

36460=Ignore size of link folder (reparse point)
61033=Copy old name

Changed texts:

61239=Characters for the item "Upper first letter following any of defined characters" %s Substring as separator enclose with "\"; e.g. \ - \

Changes for release 800 compared to 799

Posted: 08.07.2019, 18:48
by Marek
New texts:

4598=Really close all tabs?
4599=Close locked tabs too
4600=Apply for both panels
4601=Ctrl+Enter: apply for both panels

34527=Menu font size
34528=Requires program restart
34529=0 - default font size

34672=Use large images

56277=As entered
56278=Any term
56279=All terms
56280=Separate terms with spaces

Changes for release 801 compared to 800

Posted: 27.08.2019, 19:53
by Marek
New texts:

4602=The file name contains not visible characters typical for malicious software (virus).
4603=Function aborted.
35216=Accept only files
36657=New tab
43019=Use '-' for hiding the title

Changes for release 802 compared to 801

Posted: 30.09.2019, 18:20
by Marek
New texts:

4604=Ignore diacritical marks
58214=Play loop
61034=Copy old name without extension
61035=Use big icons
61241=Name - ignore diacritical marks
61242=Extension - ignore diacritical marks
62108=Add "id:" for ignore diacritical marks
62180=id: ignore diacritical marks

Changes for release 805 compared to 802

Posted: 03.11.2019, 20:58
by Marek
New texts:

4605=FreeCommander is up to date
35237=Internal viewer
56077=Use big icons
56253=Older than
61036=Select columns

61600=no_translate: Multi Rename Columns Dialog
61601=Select columns
61603=Column pattern
61604=Column list
61605=Picture - EXIF
61607=Summary info
61608=Add new column
61609=Remove column

actEditSelectAllFolder=Select all folders ; Select all folders in the active panel
actExtrCheckForUpdates=Check for updates;Checks if newer program version exists
actViewLockView=Lock view ; Locks view and disable automatic views