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Changes for release 832 compared to 831

Posted: 30.10.2020, 18:13
by Marek
New Texts:


Changes for release 833 compared to 832

Posted: 30.11.2020, 21:37
by Marek
New Texts:

34323=Keep filter on tab change

actViewLayoutShowPopupMenu=Layouts; Shows layouts popup menu
actViewTabChangeToLastActive=Change to last active tab;Activates the last used tab in the active panel

Changed texts:

34221=Copy/Move method for "Use FreeCommander" option:
34223=Use Windows method for non-local drives (may be faster)
34224=Use Windows method for all drives

Changes for release 842 compared to 833

Posted: 18.02.2021, 21:11
by Marek
New Texts:

34324=Show in the right panel on the left

57078=Copy folder structure only

58120=Metadata tag
58121=Tag value
58122=Delete - no confirmation

58604=Use exiftool.exe for showing metadata/exif
58605=exiftool.exe path
58606=Example: .jpg.crw.cr2.
58607=Leave empty for all
58608=Tag title
58609=Tag title - grouped
58610=Tag name
58611=Tag name - grouped
58614=Path is not defined or can not be find!

Changed texts:

58097=Show Exif/Metadata