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Changes for the release 745 compared to 743

Posted: 27.04.2017, 18:28
by Marek
New Texts:

4586=Loading content of

35719=Date modified - not older then
35720=Only for files

36113=No thumbnails for the files:
36114=Example: .psd.tiff.gif.

38042=Left border
38043=Right border

48010=Date modified:

49026=Older then

53062=Font color

Changed texts:

35701=Color by attributes and timestamp

Changes for the release 747 compared to 745

Posted: 26.05.2017, 15:25
by Marek
New Texts:

58092=Print preview...
58094=Thumbnail size
58095=Loading error...
58096=File format is not supported.
58097=Show EXIF info

Changed texts:

35719=Date modified - not older than
49026=Older than

Changes for the release 750 compared to 747

Posted: 27.07.2017, 18:00
by Marek
New Texts:

4587=File with the new name "%s" already exists!
58200=VLC Player (must be installed)
58202=Pause the playback
58204=Next frame
58205=Take snapshot
58207=Next chapter
58208=Previous chapter
58211=Elapsed time
58212=Remaining time
58213=Can not find installed VLC Player (
62178=|hour*5 not older than five hours
62179=|month*3 not older than 3 months

Changes for the release 754 compared to 750

Posted: 23.08.2017, 20:29
by Marek
Changed texts:

62179=|month*3 not older than 90 days

Changes for the release 756 compared to 754

Posted: 19.09.2017, 19:10
by Marek
New Texts:

6001=User canceled entire job
6002=System canceled entire job
35818=Program reboot is required to use the new settings folder.

Changed texts:
4587=File or folder with the new name "%s" already exists!
59000=no_translate: Dialog Compute Checksums
59001=Compute %s-Checksums
59002=Verify %s-Checksums
59012=Create separate %s-files for each file
59038=Please select only MD5 or SHA files.

actFileMD5=CRC: Create checksums... ; Calculates checksums for selected items
actFileMD5Verify=CRC: Verify checksums ; Verifies checksums from selected files

Changes for release 761 compared to 756

Posted: 21.10.2017, 08:46
by Marek
New Texts:

4031=Color schemas

4588=Color schema name:
4589=Color schema exists. Overwrite?
4590=Your current color schema was saved as "%s"

59040=Checksum method:

67517=Save color schema
67518=Set color schema only
67519=Import color schema
67520=Export color schema

actViewColorSchemasPopupMenu=Show color schemas popup menu; Shows popup menu with saved color schemas
actViewColorSchemaSaveCurrent=Save color schema...; Saves current color schema
actViewColorSchemaRemove=Remove color schema...; Removes color schema

Changes for release 762 compared to 761

Posted: 28.10.2017, 19:52
by Marek
New Texts:

4591=No colors saved for the selected layout!

36609=Button symbol


actViewImgBrowser512=Thumbnails 512 ; Switches to Thumbnails view 512 pixels

Changes for release 763 compared to 762

Posted: 05.12.2017, 19:51
by Marek
New Texts:

4592=Should the color schema file be really deleted?
6003=Need to elevate the process to complete the operation
35454=Full row select
35455=Theme off
61212=Exposure time
65034=Menu icon bar
65035=Active item
65036=Inactive item

actViewColorSchemaRestore=Restore last color schema; Restors last used color schema

Changes for release 766 compared to 763

Posted: 27.12.2017, 21:25
by Marek
New Texts:

34120=Check for updates
34122=Once a day
34123=Once a week
34124=Once a month
69900=no_translate: Form version checker
69901=New FreeCommander version is available:
69904=Full list of changes
69905=Access donor version

Changes for release 771 compared to 766

Posted: 09.02.2018, 22:14
by Marek
New Texts:
4593=Available free disk space:
34236=Start dragging on label or icon only
57077=Use last overwrite options

Changed texts:
4031=Color schemes
4588=Color scheme name:
4589=Color scheme exists. Overwrite?
4590=Your current color scheme was saved as "%s"
4592=Should the color scheme file be really deleted?
67517=Save color scheme
67518=Set color scheme only
67519=Import color scheme
67520=Export color scheme
69727=One of the files to combine does not exist:
69735=Preparing operation...

actViewColorSchemasPopupMenu=Show color schemes popup menu; Shows popup menu with saved color schemes
actViewColorSchemaSaveCurrent=Save color scheme...; Saves current color scheme
actViewColorSchemaRemove=Remove color scheme...; Removes color scheme
actViewColorSchemaRestore=Restore last color scheme; Restores last used color scheme