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Re: Delay on startup

#16 Post by Jim213 » 07.03.2020, 10:17

I get a delay at first start.

I think its Windows Defender checking it out.

Open the Task Manager and watch the startup process.

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Re: Delay on startup

#17 Post by Dreamer » 07.03.2020, 11:58

Here is the link for the portable zip version (second link at this site):

It could be Defender, I'll check if I have a delay too, with/without Defender.

Anyway, starting FC automatically at Windows startup is another issue, it's really weird, you can try to search for freecommander.exe on C:\ in FC, perhaps you have more installations, then backup settings folder - if needed and uninstall/delete all FC installations and unpack the new portable version to a new path, don't use the Program files folder.
wynford wrote:
07.03.2020, 01:28
i renamed the FC folders and did a fresh install of FC with no changes, rebooted and the fresh FC started about 20 seconds after windows was loaded
Just to make sure, FC was started automatically, right?

EDIT: I tested FC start, PC restart, wait 2 minutes, start FC, it takes just few seconds (2-3) to start, with Defender real-time protection on or off.
Of course, while other programs are starting, it may take longer, it depends on how many programs are auto-running at startup.

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Re: Delay on startup

#18 Post by wynford » 07.03.2020, 15:55

I got it fixed... FC no longer starts when windows starts and is loaded.

I uninstalled it completely and deleted all FC folders and files

Went through the registry and deleted all that i could related to FC, there were a couple of entries that i couldn't and then rebooted

Reinstalled FC and made no settings changes and rebooted and FC did not auto start

Made my settings changes and saved it... rebooted several times and no auto start of FC

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