810 - Comparing folders

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810 - Comparing folders

#1 Post by Nelky9 » 24.04.2020, 20:08

Hello, I pretend to compare the content of folders (including the sub-folders) and I don't get any result.

I used the Folder/Compare (alt V) function, and enabled the option dialog prompt on the setting menu before, but no combination succeed. I don't have any windows that show me the differences.
What it's wrong ?

For information I made a folder called Test1, inside I have 2 folders with 2 .txt files.
Then I copied the root folder has Test1 copy.
I modified on the copied folder the txt files, by removing one of them, and editing the content of the remaining one.

Can someone give me help on this please.
Thanks in advanced.

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Re: 810 - Comparing folders

#2 Post by Karol » 25.04.2020, 08:17

I think it is wrong function.
You should try folder synchronise.

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