Couldn't live without it

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Couldn't live without it

#1 Post by Bustopher » 21.09.2020, 11:08

I've been using Freecommander for many years now - since a GUI file manager I had been using for years stopped working under Win 7, so quite a few years, really.

This is my first ever trip to these forums, and indeed looking at the website in detail. FreeCommander has been THAT intuitive for me, I've hardly even read the help file.

I use the multi-rename, synchronise and search functions all the time. I' sure there are more tricks I can use from looking at the posts here!

I registered the program this year and so have the donor version, but I'm just speaking generally here to say thanks for all the development that's gone on. I've come into a bit of inheritance this year so I've actually registered a lot of software I'd been using long term because I can now afford it. I think the best way to get donations is to think long term, provide good working software and eventually people will realise software development is critical, and the authors always seem to charge a reasonable fee. Pity the same doesn't apply to some commercial releases I've been a little underwhelmed with.

I used to be an Amiga BBS software developer in the 1990s, but haven't written any programs since the demise of the Commodore Amiga. I think this is why I've been using a GUI file commander because I can remember DU.3 from the Amiga (is anyone else nodding their head?). I used to use Branch (an X-Tree Gold lookalike) under DOS.

Now I've got Freecommander I'm a very heavy user of it, and just want to say it's fantastic and thanks for all your work, Jarek.


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