I created a FreeCommander Beginners Configuration (Lean)

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I created a FreeCommander Beginners Configuration (Lean)

#1 Post by asdf33 » 07.01.2021, 19:39

Hey folks,

I'm using FreeCommander for over a year now and I'm very happy that there is such a good Windows Explorer alternative. So my thanks go to all the devs and supporters :)

To give something back, I created a Beginners FreeCommander Configuration. This has a leaner UI (imo) and can therefore help people who want to switch from the vanilla explorer.
-> I removed some of the less needed or duplicate elements (incl. Toolbars), set the "spacebar" key for switching between single/split view (super helpful), and included file type based filtering, to easily see which files where modified recently. And some more...


Maybe this is helpful for some of you.


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