How to copy a tab to the same panel ?

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How to copy a tab to the same panel ?

#1 Post by ClintonLoomis » 11.01.2021, 12:16


I saw it's possible to copy or move a folder tab to the other panel.
However the way I work it'll be very useful for me to actually duplicate a folder tab to the same panel.
Especially it would be great if I could duplicate a subfolder of a lock tab with "subfolder navigation" to this new tab instead of it's parent folder as it is for the existing feature.
Is there a option to do it?


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Re: How to copy a tab to the same panel ?

#2 Post by ralfso » 11.01.2021, 12:59

Drag & Drop:
Drag a folder from tree or filepane with left mousebutton to the tab area.

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Re: How to copy a tab to the same panel ?

#3 Post by Ticros » 11.01.2021, 14:01

I cannot say anything about lock tab, but for open a tab with the same folder as the current one I use following things:

If you have a tab selected, you will open the same tab when you double left click in the tab bar where no other tab is.
You could also can use ctrl +T.
Or you right click on the tab and chose New Folder tab, while you have the tab you want to be duplicated open.

Also one thing I find quite useful:
If you use the middle mouse button on a folder in your current opened tab then a new tab with this folder will open.

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