FC doesn't remember/save file associations

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FC doesn't remember/save file associations

#1 Post by kaehvogel » 15.02.2021, 09:20

Hey there everybody, and a wonderful Monday to you all.

I'm having a very weird issue with FC (840, 32bit) on my laptop, in that it doesn't seem to be able to remember file associations for .jpg/.jpeg files. Whenever I want to open a jp(e)g, it asks me which program I'd like to use for that.
Now, I'm one of those people who absolutely loathe the "new" Win10 photos app, so I've made sure to go back to the old Photo Viewer on every single PC I use. Done that on multiple systems with the registry edit, and it always worked flawlessly. It kinda does, on the laptop I'm talking about, as well...but only if I use windows file explorer. In FC in somehow doesn't.
I've reinstalled FC multiple times, also going back to vanilla with the settings...nothing. It doesn't even matter which photo viewer I tell it to use (and "always use this app to open..."), I've tried irfanview, for example...the next time I want to open a jp(e)g it just asks again. I also tried setting irfanview as the default program for *.jpg in the FC settings, but it just ignores me and throws that stupid app selection popup at me anyway.
It really seems to be just jpgs, though, I haven't seen other file formats having the same issue. And when I open a picture in a different file format first, both photo viewer and irfanview can easily jump to my jpgs and display them.

My desktop PC and my previous laptop, where I used the same method of "resurrecting" the old photo viewer, use the exact same .inis for my FC, etc...have no problems at all.

Long story short: FC asks which program to run to display jpgs every time, doesn't save the choice...but file explorer does, so it seems to be a FC/communication issue.

If anyone has any idea what I can do with that, what might be going wrong there...I'd greatly appreciate the help. It's getting kinda frustrating at this point. :roll:

Thanks in advance, and greetings from Germany.

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