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Main display incorrect when showing DVD label?

Posted: 18.04.2015, 21:25
by kevmeist
On the main display in FCXE and when looking at three DVDs which have labels of xxxx_DVD_1, xxxx_DVD_2 and xxxx_DVD_3...I only see xxxx_DVD_1. However, when I go to the DVD properties I see the correct volume labels of xxx_DVD_1, xxx_DVD_2 and xxx_DVD_3.

Is this a known bug?

Well, I downloaded the 2015 version (build 685). The issue seems to be that once having displayed a DVD volume label, then switching DVDs that the volume label on the main FC display is NOT refreshed until I switch OFF the DVD drive to somewhere else and then back to the DVD drive again...shouldn't this get auto refreshed?

Tools->Settings->View->File/folder/list/Refresh has the top two boxes checked. Should there not be another check box that says "Refresh when removable drives are changed (CD, DVD and USB based drives)?