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how to quickfilter while quick search

Posted: 28.03.2016, 22:34
by iwant2know
I know the Quick filter and the Quick Search. What I am looking for is a merge of both.

I have these files: test1.doc test2.docx test3.txt in a panel.
Now when pressing "2" I'd like to see only test2.docx.

I know this can be achieved in the quick filter panel, but I'd like to filter while searching.

Is this possible? if so how?
If not, would you please implement such feature?

Re: how to quickfilter while quick search

Posted: 09.04.2016, 21:45
by NumberOne
yeah, I guess I know what you're talking about, I've seen that in another FM:
no mouse movement, no quick filter .
immediately after typing the pane gets filtered.
indeed a very handy feature.