How to create script in this software ?

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How to create script in this software ?

#1 Post by test4 » 31.08.2016, 11:29

I want to create more tab handling button.
in this software ,although it has a lot of buttons are available, I want more buttons that are closer to my taste.

I saw this URL. ... ander.html

in this URL , only description of a parameter is written.
I want to operate tab , I want to move tabs to aother pane, and so on.
I can't dredge description of pane move.

Can I put together multiple processing in this software?
Can I combined multiple processes in myself in this software?

I searched "script" in this forum.

this is all answer ?
parameter of Previous URL, this is all ?

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Re: How to create script in this software ?

#2 Post by NumberOne » 07.09.2016, 22:05

well regarding scripting, i guess you need to look somewhere else...

as I dunno your work-flow but you could do is save & restore tabs and tabs positions via layouts,
(toggle via alt+1, alt+2, alt+3 after creation)
read the help file in case you need more information regarding this topic.

imho working with many tabs open will become soon pretty confusing.
in my experience most times multiple tabs are not recommended/needed.
even the second panel is often dispensable. (press F10 to hide it)

now, display favorite items (alt+f) where you can add your most important folders.
you may now drag & drop files and folders to your favorite folders (very handy :D )
like this you can use the space in a huge single panel installation to display your files in a clear manner.

you could also create a fav. toolbar then simply drag & drop a folder in the toolbar.
now you may use the created folder icon for your file & folder operations.

unfortunately drag & drop is still buggy :shock:
thus only copy & paste but not cut and paste will work for the latter. :cry:

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Re: How to create script in this software ?

#3 Post by therealjd » 14.09.2016, 17:11

I've had great success automating actions for files by using batch files in combination with FC XE
I'll use the currrent folder, or current file selection as a variable that i pass on to a batch files that i keep in my favorites menu.

If this can be done with batch files, you can probably do it using other script type languages.
Batch files work best for me. There's lots of documentation on the web for it ;)
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