Sorting by number of items - in all of subfolders

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Sorting by number of items - in all of subfolders

#1 Post by Forez » 28.01.2018, 19:42

Is there a way to sort data by the amount of items [files and folders] but with the inclusion of subfolders?

I was only able to turn on columns in a detailed view that would only count the content of the folder. So for example FC correctly show me that I have 10 subfolders in folder X but that information is often useless for me as I want to know how many files there are in those subfolders- by only looking on the number displayed by the folder X. I do not want to have to add 10 numbers of 10 subfolders; and then also manually check if these 10 subfolders have maybe even more subfolders in them [and with how many files]. I want the FC to scan all the way down and spit out the overall number, be it just files, just folders or both othose items added up

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