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Define columns window can loose its column

Posted: 26.11.2019, 13:27
by Forez
This concerns adjusting the settings of Column Profiles. So to replicate this bug go to the

Column profiles > Profile settings... > Profile name > [choose any profile] > Define columns [icon]

and then scroll to the right, so that you will most likely see a bunch of column being displayed in the same default small width- thus being unreadable. I for sure see there

C... F... A... C... C... S... S...

So in order to know what I am looking at I need to grab the right edge [side] of each column and drag to the right side- a normal behavior, right? Yes- but only till I get to the last one

First I do not see the unfolding content- I have to guess if I have already dragged it [thus extended the width of hat last column] enough. If I guessed wrong, then I have to repeat that- not a big of a deal, right? Well, yes, just a little annoyance

But then comes a second issue, the serious one. If I decide to make that column thinner [because I went too far to the right with that dragging], then if I grab its right edge and drag it to the left, it goes all the way to the left- thus rendering that column absent, as it simply disappears. And this disappearance apparently can be repeated for every next column that becomes the last one [on the far right side of the window]. To revert that I can however click Cancel, or when dragging it to the left not release the left mouse button thus have a chance to go back with in the opposite direction [to the right that is]

This is happening in FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 18362.356

[And on the side note, so far I have such kind of a bug only in one other piece of software: in the basic form of COMODO Firewall. I do not remember where exactly but there is some list of intrusions / blockades or whatever- and when I try to adjust columns in it, I can. But when I want to correct, some of them extend beyond any sense. And when I try to correct that- they get wider even more, leaving me with a window that has absurdly wide columns, that cannot be made thinner. It is somewhat an opposite issue- but maybe both of those bugs, i.e. in FC an COMODO, come out because of how Windows 10 works]

Re: Define columns window can loose its column

Posted: 13.02.2020, 13:05
by Forez
In Build 810a 32-bit public that issue is gone

Becasue there is no more any of those
Forez wrote:
26.11.2019, 13:27
C... F... A... C... C... S... S...
columns, as they have been apparently completely removed