"My webs" folder on external USB invisible in FC!

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"My webs" folder on external USB invisible in FC!

#1 Post by philalethes » 04.07.2020, 20:22

Long ago I put the "My webs" folder created in Vista, on my external USB drive. I like to keep User data files away from the C: drive having lost them once when Windoze got corrupted.

Vista got upgraded to Win 7 Pro (32 bit) on Computer A.
Computer B is new, has Win 10 64 bit

I found Freecommander did not see the My Webs folder. on either the Win 7 (32 bit) or Win 10 (64 bit) machine on an external USB drive

Windows explorer of course sees it. And also i have used and liked Xplorer2 for a long time. It too can see the "My Webs" folder!

As a workaround I made a shortcut to this folder and placed it in the root of the USB. FC can see and show this link, and access the folder, but it remains invisible in the main listing window.

A bit odd.

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