Bug in 830 Beta, and hint how to install 810 again

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Bug in 830 Beta, and hint how to install 810 again

#1 Post by peterfc » 21.11.2020, 10:20

When I tried to read from an USA stick "h:\..." but which in my "Favorite items" is listed as "g:\..." - called it from there -, FC 830 stalled (both panes and the whole program), and "Alt-F4", etc. did not work, I had to to terminate it with the Task Manager.

I then wanted to re-install 810 again, but the only alternatives I was offered, were "repair" and "de-install", not any "install (over current version)" or similar, i.e. going back to a previous seemed impossible.

So I de-installed from that 810 dialogue, then installed, again from the 810 install dialogue, and very fortunately, all my settings had been preserved (e.g. my "Favorite items" list).

So I would like to share the hint that yes, you can de-install FC from the install dialogue of the previous version, than re-install it from there, without losing your settings.

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