Address Bar History not saved on exit

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Re: Address Bar History not saved on exit

#16 Post by politot » 01.03.2014, 12:14

Unfortunately, after trying all solutions on this topic, still not saving history. I have this problem on two different computers (Windows 7 ultimate and Windows 8.1 Professional). I had the first hurdle of not able to save settings; resolved that by setting the shortcut to "Run as Administrator".

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
Windows 8.1 Professional 64 bit
FreeCommander XE build 650

I got it to work on my Windows 8.1 computer by doing the following (not tried yet on Windows 7 computer):
Completely removed FreeCommanderXE (ALL traces of it)
Installed to a second partition where I have explicitly set permissions wide open (everyone can do anything)

As a side note to this, my mapped network drive (Z:) was not showing in the drive list previously and now it does.

Update 2:
Recommended fix solved for Windows 7.

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