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Crash and other problems on subst B:

Posted: 19.02.2014, 21:41
by HansS
I have B: mapped to a mirror copy of my USB stick with subst:
subst b: D:\Backup\STICK16G-HS

So I can easily access my documents and use the portable apps and other tools, which are on this stick, even if the stick is not connected.

- Navigate to B:\todo
- Create folder, e.g. cf_test
- After “Enter” the tab shows “B:todo”, but navigation bar shows T:\todo, and error message “The system can't find the specified path” “T:\todo”.
- Back to B:\todo
- Rename (F2) dir fc_test to fc_test2
- Crash after Enter: EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 006EAC2F in module 'FreeCommander.exe'. Read of address 00000000.
- After “Continue Application” I see the correct renamed dir.

This does not happen with other "subst" drives and not in same dir directly accessed via D:. So there may be some problem with some hard coded special handling of floppy drives!?

FreeCommander XE 2014 Build 650
Win7ult-64 or WinXP

Re: Crash and other problems on subst B:

Posted: 21.02.2014, 14:57
by Karol
Have you
- deactivated: Settings-Drives: Don't show floppy drives
- activated: Settings-Tree: Show floppy drives

Re: Crash and other problems on subst B:

Posted: 22.02.2014, 15:15
by HansS
That helps - so I can live with this bug. I had already tested with one of these options, but did not recognized, that there are two options regarding floppy drives (and with different logic). Although display of floppy drives was Off, drive B: was listed via "Computer" in the "File/folder" area, and navigation etc. was possible (but tree view not updated) - until the described problem occurred.

I now turned the show floppy on and "Don't show" off and both "Show removable drives only with disk" On - thanks a lot for this tip :-).

1. I don't think that it is needed and useful to set these options different for "Tree" and via "Drives", so I suggest to remove them from "Tree" and use the settings from "Drive" everywhere.

2. The "Show removable drives only with disk" does not work in my situation: With above settings I see both A: (real floppy) and G: (DVD drive), although no media is in these drives.