Viewer Plugins order not consistent

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Viewer Plugins order not consistent

#1 Post by joby_toss » 22.02.2014, 19:41

FC XE 650 portable (same happens in beta 653 x86 and 653 x64)

Something is not right with the way Viewer handles files using plugins.

1. install 2 different plugins that are able to handle both at least one (same) file extension (in my example sLister is at the top of the list and uLister second, for .pdf files)
2. select a file (.pdf) and hit Ctrl+Q for Quick Viewer (or F3 for Viewer, with option "Use only one viewer instance" activated) so that the first plugin displays the file
3. click on a different file, that only the second plugin can handle (.doc in my example) so that the second plugin comes into play
4. click again the previous file (.pdf)

- the first file is handled by the second plugin

Expected result:
- the first file should be handled by the first plugin from the Viewer plugins list, that is able to handle it


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Re: Viewer Plugins order not consistent

#2 Post by alf5000 » 22.02.2014, 21:19

seems like you're giving ulister a try.

perhaps it's somehow similar to that problem:
win7pro x64 - FCXE x64

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