Problem with colors under select items option

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Problem with colors under select items option

#1 Post by FCLover » 28.02.2014, 01:08

The issue is serious for windows XP. Under W7 it is a minor one. I have detailed list views. I have checked options for single click file open, unchecked both full row select and use windows colors. Under XP the full row in file list is highlighted (selected/focused) with appropriate color instead of just the name. Now double clicking in empty region (between column entries) opens the file/folder instead of going up one level. Also I cannot select multiple files by dragging mouse. Single clicking on the file name correctly opens it. Under windows 7 the selection/focus extends upto the length of the name column, instead of just the file name, double clicking outside the name however correctly goes up one level and I can select multiple files by dragging mouse (Again the highlight box extends over the entire name column width, not just names). If I check "use windows color" then none of these issues arise in either XP or 7, and only the file names are highlighted.

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