Quick jump and file names with European characters

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Quick jump and file names with European characters

#1 Post by peterfc » 22.03.2014, 10:30


First, let me say that FC XE is a tremendous program, better in most respects than most paid file commanders (of which I own 5 or 6), and I
- use it all the time
- tout it wherever I can (lots of file manager discussions on various web sites, and then I always say the above)
- would not refrain from paying moderate fees (let's say paid updates, costing 20$, every 2 to 3 years; of course, the name is some obstacle to such a move, for the time being ;-) ).
So, I'm very fond of it indeed, but I've found two things that bother me, for the time being, one of them being:

You can jump to a file group, when display is sorted alphabetically, e.g. f jumps to the first file beginning with f; similar with 2 or 3 characters, fi, or fil - very good!

But this does NOT work properly if file names begin with European characters, e.g. äöü (and the same would probably apply to éàè, and other accented characters.

For öäü, it does nothing, BUT if you enter ÖÄÜ instead, it jumps to the files beginning with öäü, respectively. So there is a way around this problem, but pressing the shift key here is not really handy,

and other file managers do it right, i.e. when you enter ö, they jump to the first file beginning with ö, etc., so this is not a problem of the file system, or with my proper naming of files (= mixing up ö and Ö then), but a bug in FC.

I would be very thankful if this bug could be addressed, and exterminated, since I've got lots and lots of such files.

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