FC not remembering previous maximized position (2nd screen)

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FC not remembering previous maximized position (2nd screen)

#1 Post by peterfc » 22.03.2014, 10:41


First, let me say that FC XE is a tremendous program, better in most respects than most paid file commanders (of which I own 5 or 6), and I
- use it all the time
- tout it wherever I can (lots of file manager discussions on various web sites, and then I always say the above)
- would not refrain from paying moderate fees (let's say paid updates, costing 20$, every 2 to 3 years; of course, the name is some obstacle to such a move, for the time being ;-) ).
So, I'm very fond of it indeed, but I've found two things that bother me, for the time being, the other one of them being:

I've got a two-screen setup, where I've got my main application on my left = main = "first" screen, and my tools / utilities on my right = secondary screen. Now one of these, and my main tool, is FC, and I bring it to the foreground by a macro activating the FC window (and I jump around between my applications and screens with such "activate" macros). So far so good.

Most applications "remember" their previous position, i.e. they are loaded automatically when Windows starts, by the (free and highly recommendable) tool "StartUp" by Mike Lin, and they display within the screen where they closed last time, and for FC, this would mean, FC would display, in maximized state, on my right = secondary screen.

Unfortunately, it does NOT remember that position, but opens up, maximized, on my left = primal screen, and then I will have to apply a second macro to switch it to my second screen (users not having such a macro system could use the (free and also very recommendable) tool WndHop instead).

So, would it be possible for FC to remember last screen position, in such a setup?

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