Library not registered right pane only

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Library not registered right pane only

#1 Post by Zumwalt » 11.05.2014, 22:17

I have been using FreeCommander XE 2014 Build 650, on XP SP3, without problems until a few days ago.
In the right pane: the SECOND time I select a file or folder, I get a popup window with FreeCommander in the title, and the message "Library not registered". When the box is closed everything appears to function normally.
When I exit FreeCommander I get :An error occurred in the application" message box. I tried reading the error report, but it was all Greek to me.
This does not happen in the Left pane.

I have uninstalled through windows and iobitunistaller, then re-installed, but get the same results.

Sine this just started happening, I figure it's a problem is with my system, and not a bug, so I'm mainly looking for pointers as to how to narrow the problem.


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