COPY/MOVE from MTP device puts incorrect filename in popup

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COPY/MOVE from MTP device puts incorrect filename in popup

#1 Post by dsperber » 28.06.2014, 21:47

Just discovered this capability of using the 0-drive (for "Desktop") and then selecting "Computer, for seeing MTP-connected devices using FCXE.

This not only supports cameras, but also phones (e.g. my Samsung Galaxy S4) which also connect in MTP mode. Very much appreciated capability.


I was experimenting here, to see if I could do the usual F5/F6 types of COPY/MOVE functionality from one pane to another, same as I do with normal folders/files when looking at locations (and MSC-connected removable devices) which have Windows drive letters associated with them. I know I can DRAG/DROP successfully using regular Windows Explorer and MTP-connected devices, so I just wanted to ensure that the FCXE-equivalent would also work here.

Well, it kind of does, but with unexpected results. The problem is that the FILENAME shown in the F5/F6 (copy/move) confirmation dialog box from FCXE is NOT the user-visible file name shown in the SOURCE-pane. This is the file name which SHOULD appear in the confirmation dialog box, allowing me to accept or change it.

Instead, it is what appears to be an internal system-assigned folder name (like a Windows driver), without even having an extension. I assume I can change that value to be whatever file name I want, but it's clearly not what should be presented by FCXE.

==>> Can FCXE please be fixed to correctly present the true user-visible genuine external file name in this confirmation dialog box exactly as it appears in the SOURCE-pane, same as with normal SOURCE-panes for MSC-connected removable devices and all other normal source drives/folders with Windows-assigned drive letters?

For example... here's what appears when I try an F6 to MOVE a screenshot PNG file from the \Computer\SPH-L720\Phone\Pictures\Screenshots folder on my phone's internal PHONE (as opposed to its external CARD) storage (shown in the upper-pane) to a target location (shown in the lower-pane):


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