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Pack files

#1 Post by joq » 12.12.2014, 07:16

I like to work with dual panes, vertically split. I think I discovered a bug (or at least usability issue).

In the upper pane I a Zip archive: C:\Temp1\freecommander\MyArchive\ (i.e. I have opened the archive in Freecommander).
In the lower pane I have a file in another directory: C:\Temp1\freecommander\MyNotes\README.txt

I would like to pack 'README.txt' to an archive in the 'MyNotes' folder. I select the file and press ALT + F5. At this stage I see the dialog shown in the screenshot. My only option is to add 'README.txt' to ''.


I am using Freecommander XE 2014 Build 650 on Windows 7 Professional.

Freecommander rocks!


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Re: Pack files

#2 Post by Timon » 12.12.2014, 07:22

Confirmed in FC XE 682

If in target panel there is archive file opened, FC XE doesn't allow to select option "Use current folder" to make standalone archive.

I think it's а usability issue.

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