Search files/folders bugs (alt+F7)

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Search files/folders bugs (alt+F7)

#1 Post by afh » 16.12.2014, 18:50

I use FreeCommander XE 2014 Build 682, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit

1. there is a difference in gui when I launch the FC with default settings:


2. sorting the result of the search according to column "Found in" is actually made after first column "name". There is no sorting according to "found in":


3. When searching only for folders (in "Timestamp/Size/Attr" tab I select only "Directory" attribute):
- sometimes in the result there are files displayed (not only folders)
- no matter what "subfolder filter" (from "filter" tab) I use the subfolders of first level are always displayed as result.

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Re: Search files/folders bugs (alt+F7)

#2 Post by Timon » 17.12.2014, 08:14

1. checkbox missing when launched with default settings

it is not missing. it is switched off by default. Use options - Advanced mode (in Search files/fiolders window) to switch it on

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