Problem select target in Verify MD5-Checksum

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Problem select target in Verify MD5-Checksum

#1 Post by gndr » 15.11.2016, 08:05


I've a problem to select another target in Verify MD5-Checksum.

The target selection button "..." isn't acitvated (grey) and so the function could not be used.

The Favorite button could be used, but here i've the problem if my inital target is "C:\data" and i choose a favoirte folder "ebooks" which is an subfolder of "data" the selection is "C:\data\ebooks\data" instead of the right path "C:\data\ebooks".

I use Windows 10 Professionel / FreeCommander XE 2016 Build 715 32-bit public

Are there solutions for both items?

Best regards,


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