unzipping forgets file

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unzipping forgets file

#1 Post by georgd » 06.12.2016, 19:44

Good evening,

after downloading liferay-portal-tomcat-6.2-ce-ga6-20160112152609836.zip from https://sourceforge.net/projects/lporta ... 2.5%20GA6/ and unpacking it with the unpack tooling built-in to FreeCommander, the file \tomcat-7.0.42\webapps\calendar-portlet\WEB-INF\classes\com\liferay\calendar\service\base\CalendarNotificationTemplateLocalServiceBaseImpl.class is missing, whereas 7zip (the full program not the plugin) does extract also this file. The same happened for Liferay 6.2.2 CE GA3. Observed in FreeCommander XE 2016 Build 715 32-bit public on Win7 64bit Professional German.

Personally, I consider this to be a very unfriendly bug, as everything seems allright (no error/warning, no obviously missing files,...) but Liferay does throw errors. Would be heppy to see it solved, preferrably that it unpacks every file, alternatively that it at warns about missing files.

Cheers, Georg

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Re: unzipping forgets file

#2 Post by Karol » 06.12.2016, 20:16

I have checked the zip file with the current public 730 release - the file CalendarNotificationTemplateLocalServiceBaseImpl.class has been unpacked.

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