Portable version doesn't recognize environment

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Portable version doesn't recognize environment

#1 Post by MaelStor » 12.01.2017, 04:12

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FreeCommander XE 2016 Build 715 32-bit public
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.14393 Build 14393
This bug affects the portable version for PortableApps and hasn't shown up in the zipped version.

When I run a .bat file within FC which needs environment variables from

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the bat file doesn't recognize these variables.

I've started a command shell with CTRL-D and executed set. The variables don't show up.
Then I tried the same with the zipped version where all is just fine.

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Re: Portable version doesn't recognize environment

#2 Post by horst.epp » 12.01.2017, 12:35

There is no real need for the PortableApps version of FC.
The portable zipped version is all you need to run from any place.

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