Dragging when "Full row select" is enabled

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Dragging when "Full row select" is enabled

#1 Post by Free4all » 11.06.2017, 19:52

Even with "Full row select" enabled, FreeCommander requires dragging from the actual filename text (or icon) for drag-and-drop functions.

Is there an option to allow dragging from anywhere in the row? This is especially useful for files with short filenames.

If it's not an option, can you create an option or just enable this by default when "Full row select" is enabled?

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Re: Dragging when "Full row select" is enabled

#2 Post by Strawberry » 13.11.2017, 18:27


I absolutely second that, this is so frustrating!

This bug has already been raised by other people in the past:
"Issue with file drag and drop":
http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopi ... =19&t=7415
"drag&drop is not working reliably":
http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopi ... =19&t=7666

Please that would be great if this very annoying bug could be fixed as it is very frustrating indeed!

The software is great btw, way much better than the default Windows file explorer (it shows that one smart person on his/her own can do way much better than a multi-billion dollars company with thousands of employees!).
But if a fix for that very annoying bug could be released that would make this software perfect, thank you so much in advance, fingers crossed :)

This is optional further reading about this bug:
I work with a pane on the left and a pane on the right and I usually move files from the pane on the left to the pane on the right: this bug means I have to position the mouse all the way left (even more so if the file name is short!) to the file name on the left pane then drag and drop all the way across the left pane to the right pane. If the bug was not there I could simply position the mouse on the right of the selected row and then drag the item over a much shorter distance to the right pane: the effort would be so much reduced + this would avoid the very regular frustration of the drag and drop failing completely when missing to point on the file name or icon rather than the selected row!

Config: similar to other people i.e.
Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bits SP1
FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 760 32-bit public beta
All these relevant options checked:
"Activate drag&drop in the file list"
"Activate drag&drop in the tree"
"Enable selection by mouse dragging"
"Full row select"

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