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Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 18.11.2017, 00:46
by mauimaui
When we go in CTRL+M Multiple_Rename_Files when in italian we talk about ESPRESSIONE_PRECISA, it doesn't mean nothing about Regular_Expression, so it is important to change ESPRESSIONE_PRECISA with REGULAR_EXPRESSION or Espressione_Regolare
All people who use Regular Expression know this function under this name.
The first time I opened Freecommander I even thought it doesn't have any function to rename files with regular expression.

Just for let you know:
In general we italians for example, aren't like French people where they translate even directory, mouse with souris and computer with ordinateur.

We Italian use PC, Computer, Mouse, Users, Monitor OR Schermo, Network OR Rete, but also Network_Management, Files, Directory due to the fact Direttorio(Sometimes used as direct translation of directory word) doesn't mean nothing, and so on...

My version is:
Portable FreeCommander XE 2017 Build 740 32-bit

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 19.11.2017, 18:22
by Marek
Thanks for the hint.
Language files are updated now

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 19.11.2017, 22:28
by mauimaui
Thank you For you update.
If you want I could inform you about others minor mistakes about others menu that sometimes are just typing mistakes.
Or I could correct my File by miself then send you, or attach my new file for all people of the forum.
Anyway I don't know if it is possible or how can I attach a file here in my post.
Thank you

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 20.11.2017, 11:07
by mauimaui
Ho corretto alcuni errori di pulsanti e comandi in lingua italiana, qui potete scaricarvi il file:

Questo l' Md5
B08FE6F47C10468C6EF565F8753791D7 *
La password e'
I correct some words about commands of the italian language translation
Here you can find a file for your update.

The password of this compressed file is:
The checksum of MD5 is:
B08FE6F47C10468C6EF565F8753791D7 *

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 22.11.2017, 08:16
by bovirus

I'm the official translator for FreeCommander EX. My email (bovirus at gmail . com) is in the language file.
Please in the future post me your report.

This is the file updated.


Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 22.11.2017, 08:35
by Timon
Please, fix old misprint with e-mail in Italian language file
Segnala a (extra letter 'n')

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 22.11.2017, 08:41
by bovirus

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 23.11.2017, 14:06
by mauimaui
I sent you an Email to your address.
When you have doubt to translate something in italian I can suggest you to use english words.

That doesn't mean italian people are all english skilled, but at least many of them know english words about IT technology, even we don't have some italian word to say many computer's things like desktop, file, Pen Drive like example, anyway many of them even use english software and drivers as well.

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 23.11.2017, 15:13
by bovirus
I'm not agree. We shouldn't use English terms when he don't need it.
I believe that if we have a term that it's available in Italian and is known we should use Italian. Ex.

Performance -> Prestazioni
Pen drive -> Chiavetta USB (why should use pen drive in Italian?)

Re: Italian Translation mistakes

Posted: 23.11.2017, 20:36
by mauimaui
If you don't like Pen Drive it's ok; many italian use to say chiavetta usb, BUT what does that mean?
The only chiavetta I know is just for open a little door or a real mail box.

Pen Drive = pen I don't why I have to call pen something that doesn't write nothing, but anyway + Drive means something that describe his functions like a solid state storage device, chiavetta USB means nothing and neither describe his functions. So if you go on the you can find pen dirive or memory card or simly SD of 64GB 128GB 256GB that you can buy form italian sellers.
What about pennetta wi-fi? pennetta_Bluetooth? instead USB_Wi Fi_Device USB_bluetooth_device or Periferica_usb_wi-fi Periferica_usb_bluetooth
In my opinion same situation is about PC portatile if you go on the web about italian articles or to vendor websites Lenovo Toshiba or web shops you can find this device under notebook or laptop names same situation about tablet, tavoletta means nothing about it, except tavoletta_grafica

Anyway as I suggested you if you have doubt about something, is better to use an english word, that maybe many people already know rather than a strange italian translation like Regular expression as described at the begining of this thread, then we can help you to find a good translation about it.

Thank you for your support.