Slow Sort on Columns

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Slow Sort on Columns

#1 Post by MentalPatient » 21.09.2018, 16:49

When I add the column 'date taken' to my pane (looking at jpegs) and click on the heading, the sort is very long.

The title of the program has (not responding) beside the name, a blue spinning busy circle appears.

It eventually sorts, but with the long delay.

All other headings sort instantly.

Windows 10 Pro 64bit Version 1809 Build 17763.1

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Re: Slow Sort on Columns

#2 Post by Forez » 18.10.2018, 16:28

I can confirm that on Windows 7 x64 SP2 with FreeCommander XE 2018 Build 770 32-bit public

I can use CTRL + B for 250 folders containing 5000+ photos weighting 14 GB and have the FC display the "date taken" data relatively quick [although kind of slow in comparison to e.g "size auto"]. But when i click that "date taken" column, my FC freezes. And also when I navigate somewhere else and come back to that location with that previous settings [i.e. with the "date taken" column] it also freezes, apparently generating the data once again. And that happens with photos on a HDD with 10 000 RPM and a SSD with read speed of 540 MB/s

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