Tree Display Glitch

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Tree Display Glitch

#1 Post by SpaceCowboyMDK » 10.10.2018, 12:44

Hi Marek,

I've been using FreeCommander for over a year without issue. Today, it seems it is glitching out with respect to the file Tree. I do not believe there was a Windows update that instigated this so this surprised me. Originally, I thought it was related to network drives, but it can access them without issue, it is only when viewing the Tree.

I have tried:
- uninstalling and reinstalling. No solution. It kept the INI settings file.
- I deleted the INI settings file and re-opened and the tree view was disabled, so it looked ok, until I enabled the tree view.
- I uninstalled and installed the 780 beta and this also did not fix it.
- It is also related to opening any directory tree, such as searching for the folder for the settings file.

I'm running:
Intel Xeon CPU Ee-1505M v6 @ 3.00GHz
Ram 32 GB
64-bit OS, x64 based processor
Windows 10 Pro
Version 1803
Installed on 7/10/18
OS build 17134.165


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Re: Tree Display Glitch

#2 Post by Karol » 10.10.2018, 13:14

Could you maybe write what is your problem?
Tree? What is with the tree?

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