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fc didn't carry settings on update

Posted: 02.11.2018, 06:25
by vsrawat
I updated fc 32 bit from 770 to 786 on w8.1

previously it was installed in program files folder under "FreeCommanderXE" but now it installed in "FreeCommander XE" (a space in between)
it game some message at the time of installation about deleting some folder,

as my taskbar pinned icon was to previous version 770 installed in other folder, that was not changed by the updater and that icon remained same and kept on opening 770 version that I kept on using till now, without knowing that I was using older version.

It also didn't copy my fcStart.ini file from previous installation folder to new installation, so it didn't access the location where my fc profile is saved, and it kept using Users folder created by it. i had noticed and then manually moved that file to installation folder.

I think previously also it used to install in "FreeCommander XE" (a space in between) folder, but in some version it has changed to "FreeCommanderXE" (without space), then also I had faced the same set of problem.

Thought I should inform you all this.


Re: fc didn't carry settings on update

Posted: 03.11.2018, 12:58
by Marek
The FreeCommander setup program has never used "FreeCommanderXE" as the target path.

Re: fc didn't carry settings on update

Posted: 04.11.2018, 03:38
by vsrawat
I am public version user and I have installers of 716, 730, 740, 760, 770 and 786.

one of these has changed the folder name.

I have been using fc for years, and all my settings and backups are according to default folder names put by installer, so it is unlikely that I had manually changed that on some idea.

Maybe some other user who had experienced the same can share his experience.

or I will reinstall all these versions one by one and tell which one was it.