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Mixed-up columns and forgotten settings

Posted: 28.07.2019, 12:11
by glocal
In one on my open tabs the contents of the Modified and Size columns were mixed up. ... 1.jpg?dl=0.

Refresh restored the correct content: ... 2.jpg?dl=0

I can't reproduce it and I am not sure how or when it happened, but there is a pattern in FC forgetting my settings until I refresh, close/open tabs or generally force it to 're-consider'. Eg I set FC up not to show a tab header if there is only one left, and yesterday it showed a single tab header. I closed/re-opened tabs and FC woke up. The setting was as it should all along. Also, I set it up to show folder sizes and at some point it stopped doing it. A refresh restored things. Again, the setting was correct.

Re: Mixed-up columns and forgotten settings

Posted: 01.08.2019, 13:13
by glocal
More on this, various settings often seem to be forgotten until I get FC to refresh. Eg

(a) I change the name column width and if I move or resize the FC window, the name column size is reset.

(b) Often my size column setup (always show kb) is switched to Size Auto temporarily.

(c) FC doesn't remember my last used folders when it starts.

(d) I set up FC to open .txt files with Notepad, but every time I double-click on a .txt file Windows asks me if I want to 'Keep using this app' (Notepad). The context menu correctly shows 'Open' in bold and selecting it opens Notepad. This only happens with filetypes associated with Notepad.