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Create link by shortcut

#1 Post by lobsi » 14.06.2009, 22:48


is there any shortcut to create a link to a file or folder in the opposite tab? Maybe there is a shortcut like F5, copy.

I very often have to create links, but don't want to use the right mous button dialog "Create link here" and move it to the other tab.

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#2 Post by Dreamer » 14.06.2009, 23:58

No, there isn't such a shortcut, AFAIK.

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#3 Post by matera » 15.06.2009, 07:16

I wish there was one too :(

But there is one way to make it shorter -- hold Alt and drag ;)

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#4 Post by lobsi » 15.06.2009, 22:10

Hey matera,

thanks for your tip. Speeds up things a little bit.

Is there any possibilty to assign a batch or another command to a short cut? Maybe by this I could make a work around.

Another idea would by to assign the context entry to a short cut.

I will post a feature request for the short cut to create a link.

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Re: Create link by shortcut

#5 Post by haukebasse » 26.03.2020, 07:41

Too bad there is no hotkey for this in FC.
As I have been wanting it for a long time now, I realized it via AutoHotKey (AHK).
This is the code. Hit ctrl - shift - alt - l [L] and it will create a shortcut to the selected file in the other tab.
Send, !{Insert}
Sleep 200 ;could be minimized or left away maybe
currentFile = %ClipBoard%
Send, {TAB}^!{Insert}{TAB}
otherPaneFolderPath = %ClipBoard%
SplitPath, currentFile, name, dir, ext, name_no_ext, drive
FileCreateShortcut, %currentFile%, %otherPaneFolderPath%\%name_no_ext% - Verknüpfung.lnk ;%dir%%name_no_ext% - Verknüpfung
If anyone has a more beautiful or more reliable code, please post it! :)

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Re: Create link by shortcut

#7 Post by lobsi » 28.03.2020, 19:20

Using the hint by Karol his seems to be the solution for me.
(1) Assing Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl+L to Edit / Paste shortcut
(2) select files, folders to creat shortcut for
(3) Ctrl+C copy files, folders
(4) goto other folder were to insert links in other panel
(5) Ctrl+L insert links

Thanks to all repliers

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