Where do most users learn about & download Free Commande

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Bearded Kirklander
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Where do most users learn about & download Free Commande

#1 Post by Bearded Kirklander » 22.09.2008, 06:01

I was wondering if you knew where most people found out about and downloaded Free Commander.

Is it from sites like snapfiles or majorgeek or betanews? Or are there other places where people can find out about it?

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#2 Post by Wasabi » 23.09.2008, 09:39

I found out about while Googling something about xplorer2. I don't remember exactly if it was a post on the forum or what, but I much prefer FreeCommander. I tried Directory Opus and love it, but the price is obscene. All I want is a replacement for the awful version of Explorer that ships with Vista, and this fits the bill perfectly.

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#3 Post by matera » 28.09.2008, 05:49

It's been so long I don't remember. I had done a lot of searching. I often find leads to new things at Shell Extension City or Freeware Updates. But exactly how I found FC? I have no idea, but I'm glad I did. I feel lost without it on strange computers. I feel funny telling people over the phone to "click on My Computer".

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#4 Post by FLiER » 28.09.2008, 12:06

I was searching for a freeware file manager. I've had a TotalCommander, cracked, but the conscience was tormenting me, so it's the best freeware one for me. I can't imagine my work on the computer without it.

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#5 Post by Fad » 28.09.2008, 14:05

I can`t remember the site, but I was doing a specific search for a file manager to replace TurboNavigator which I was using for 4-5 years or so....that search was ongoing for about as long, but then found FC.

As it (TurboNav) was no longer being developed I definitely wanted a replacement as TurboNav was showing signs of age (even though it still works)

and I did test every file manager I could find :roll:

none of which really suited me, or didn`t have the features I wanted...some were too simple, too complex, or were just too awful !

(and it had to be self contained.)

TurboNavigator was the first one I found that was most like "SID" that I used on the Amiga many years ago.

Walter Sobchak
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#6 Post by Walter Sobchak » 29.09.2008, 09:33

I was going to download Xplorer2 for my fresh XP installation when I stumbled upon FreeCommander. I tried it and it blew me away instantly; multiple tabs and dual panels each with its own tree browser, perfect for 1920x1200 resolution. This is the BEST file manager I have tried; and I have tested Total Commander/Xplorer2/SpeedCommander and a few more I don't remember. And this beauty is free!

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FC the best.

#7 Post by higz » 29.09.2008, 12:02

I came across while searching an alternative to crappy Win Explorer, I tried all the free file managers that were available, and only FC had the right combinations of features and controls. Like it says, Feel Free to Command. Quite literally.

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#8 Post by Pinstripe » 20.10.2008, 14:00

I was checking out a list of free "File Manager" programs on techspot.com, looking for an alternative to Windows Explorer. Wanting more features, in an all-in-one package. Better file searching, multi file re-namer, folder tabs, FTP client software, etc.. The comments posted were positive, so I decided to give it a try. Now I've got it installed on three computers!. :wink:

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More downloads to come!

#9 Post by Pepestru » 23.10.2008, 00:08

A Dutch monthly magazine "Computer Totaal" mentioned Freecommander in the Nov 08 issue - just published. That is how I found this tool. The first 10 minutes gave me a better feeling than Windows Explorer in Vista......!

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#10 Post by frazmi » 27.12.2008, 06:27

google FTP directory synch

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#11 Post by clanman » 27.12.2008, 21:47


I found PSPad on the network and loved it. When I saw that it and FC were constantly in the top 10 for freeware downloads on Snapfiles I gave it a go.

I absolutely love it. :D

Using FC 2009.02c on XP (SP1, SP2, SP3), Vista and W2K3 server

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#12 Post by k3nt » 01.01.2009, 00:31

http://lifehacker.com/343228/get-two+pa ... ecommander

Tried out 8 or more freeware explorer replacements after installing a new XP pro (virus/trojan/malware free for over two years, one bad link is all it took). DirectoryOpus was my replacement of choice for a few years. But it was being difficult so I thought I'd see what freeware was available. FreeCommander is pretty sweet. I suspect that after using it for a while I will make a donation, as I've done with other freeware that has become essential..like notepad++ and irfanview.

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Tried at LEAST 12 managers

#13 Post by hulland » 24.01.2009, 21:19

I have been using Xplorer2 Pro for about 6 years--tried many apps, every week maybe, as alternatives.

I must be stupid and (or) old - but I really like the gridlines, and being able to change the colours of various columns and displays. FC seems to have most of what I need for FAST file management. ( I have a fobia against the mouse--everything 100% with hot keys for me)Only been using FC for about 24 hours--really miss the gridlines, also in the tree view, but trying hard to adjust to the new shortcuts (or re-create my old ones not sure yet).

I do mainly DVD authoring from movies and 1000's of still images so need & like the preview windows.Hence speeed of use is essential.- Next task tomorrow is to see if the MP3 and AVI files will have a display of seconds duration--that is essential for me...

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Re: Where do most users learn about & download Free Comm

#14 Post by Dipsy » 27.01.2009, 06:48

I was wondering about exactly the same question... Me personally, I've found about freeCommander by googling "file manager". But how did it get such good ranking in google? May be one of reasons - someone posted a message in a forum, and the message had signature with link to the site? ;)
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