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Broken Help System on FreeCommander

Posted: 09.10.2008, 00:03
by ridgerunner
I am new to FreeCommander and I have been hassling the Help system for a couple of days including a lot of googling as well as searching this forum ... and I am apparently the first to ever have a broken Help system on FreeCommander. Anytime that I try to use help I get the same screne showing the help system structure on the left as folders and message on the right side saying that the address is wrong. I can go down through the tree structure on the left but never get a corresponding screen on the right ... always the same "address wrong" message.

I am running Vista Business SP1, 64 bit, Firefox is default browser and I was hopeful that FreeCommander was going to be alternative to Windows Explorer.

FreeCommander is installed in C:\Program Files\FreeCommander and FreeCommander.chm, the compiled help file, was extracted to same folder.

Thank you for any thoughts or suggestions on resolving this. I would bet that I have gotten my hands crossed somewhere along the line but I sure have not been able to find it.

Posted: 09.10.2008, 00:10
by Marek

Posted: 09.10.2008, 01:02
by ridgerunner
I have been in this business a long time and bouncing around on forums for not quite as long, and I have never had such a timely response from a software author, and it was spot on correct.

Seven minutes, not seven hours nor seven days, but seven minutes from post to response! Unreal!!!

Thank you, Marek! You have done a terrific job with this program and it is pretty cool that you hang on the forum from time to time and get the feel of the pulse of the user community.